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Name: Arabella Thorne.  (Not specifically a Memoirs!verse character-- this is a different 'verse, although she can be written in a shared verse that includes Evelyn and other Memoirs characters if anyone wants to)  The name on her birth certificate is Folger, which is her father's name.  She takes "Thorne" as a way of embracing the unbroken line of hereditary witches in her family, passed down through her mother-- this is the name they've used as their own for millenia.

Age:  30

Appearance:  Dark, nearly black curly hair that reaches the middle of her back, large gray/silver eyes in a roundish pixie face, pale to lightly tanned, smattering of very light freckles across her nose and cheeks, Irish heritage.  Average height (5'6 or so), about a size 12.

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Name: Vaelius

Species: Time Lord

Age: Unknown

Appearance: 5'11, short brown hair, blue eyes, athletic build, appears to be in his mid forties to early fifties (though he's much older).

Personality: Vaelius, a renegade Time Lord, was Galatea’s second handler, and the one who trained her to be an assassin. A clinical sociopath, he is meticulously charming, deeply manipulative, and endlessly patient, though he has an explosive temper when it is triggered.


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Name: Galatea

Age: Unknown, and depends on where she is in her timeline. She was created during the earliest days of the Time Lords.

Species: Chronoform

Appearance: 5'4, slight but curvy frame, silver-white hair with gold threads, jewel-like violet eyes, extremely pale complexion like an albino.

Personality: Very similar in many ways to Evelyn (they are the same person, after all), but also with the weight of years, knowledge, and memory. She is fierce and stubborn to a fault, instinctively rebels against people who try to control or possess her, has a mercurial temperament, and develops an independent streak a mile wide. She can also be very gentle and nurturing towards those under her care. She loves animals, but doesn't consider them to be pets even if they share living space with her. She has a knack for tending to growing things. She loves and hates with equal intensity. She is very slow to trust.


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Name: Alice Deva

Species: Alice is Aetheryn, a humanoid species that had dealings with the Time Lords in the past, one of the few categorized as “higher forms of life”. They are empaths and have a limited degree of telepathy, and also, a more intense form of synesthesia than what Evelyn Alvar experiences is a norm for this species. They also have a degree of time sensitivity, in that they can often be prescient and track probabilities. They are highly emotional and intuitive, but also have a very intellectual side to their psyches and can be schemers. Their life spans are longer than a human’s, but shorter than a Time Lord’s, averaging at several hundred years. Their physical bodies are very robust, despite tending towards slender frames. There are only a handful of them left after the Time War. Their planet was not utterly destroyed, but was decimated during the War, rendering it uninhabitable. The Aetheryn is one of several species that gave rise to the myths of the sidhe, the fair folk, the Tuatha De Danaan, those legendary beings who are said to have retreated to their hollow hills so many centuries ago.

The Aetheryn have a limited collective consciousness, mostly empathically based. However, they are most definitely not all of one mind— factions and conflicts did exist back in the day. Only a small band of them remains, though, and for the most part, they are inter-cooperative in the interest of survival.

Age: She appears about thirty years old, though is actually seventy-three (still rather young for her species)

Appearance: Long, straight black hair and striking blue eyes. She is willowy and somewhat pale, and dresses with a kind of understated dark elegance. She has a very slight, undefinable accent, barely noticeable. Her ears are subtly pointed, and her finger/toenails fully white; these are the only surface physical characteristics that are noticeably different than most humans. She claims they’re rare birth defects and usually keeps them covered with her hair and fingernail polish, respectively.

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She goes by Siobhan when Traveling. Her real name is Evelyn Alvar; she sometimes goes by Eve or Evie.
Physical characteristics:
Evelyn is 28 years old. 5'4, curvy, with wavy, shoulder length brunette hair and brown eyes.
When she Travels, she is a similar height, build, and facial structure, but her hair is very long and thick, silver threaded with gold strands; her eyelashes and eyebrows are the same color. Her eyes are an intense violet. She doesn’t know why she looks this way when she Travels, but she’s learned to just go with it. Evelyn has a neutral American accent which may slide towards an American Southern accent when she is stressed, drunk, emotional, etc.
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