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Name: Alice Deva

Species: Alice is Aetheryn, a humanoid species that had dealings with the Time Lords in the past, one of the few categorized as “higher forms of life”. They are empaths and have a limited degree of telepathy, and also, a more intense form of synesthesia than what Evelyn Alvar experiences is a norm for this species. They also have a degree of time sensitivity, in that they can often be prescient and track probabilities. They are highly emotional and intuitive, but also have a very intellectual side to their psyches and can be schemers. Their life spans are longer than a human’s, but shorter than a Time Lord’s, averaging at several hundred years. Their physical bodies are very robust, despite tending towards slender frames. There are only a handful of them left after the Time War. Their planet was not utterly destroyed, but was decimated during the War, rendering it uninhabitable. The Aetheryn is one of several species that gave rise to the myths of the sidhe, the fair folk, the Tuatha De Danaan, those legendary beings who are said to have retreated to their hollow hills so many centuries ago.

The Aetheryn have a limited collective consciousness, mostly empathically based. However, they are most definitely not all of one mind— factions and conflicts did exist back in the day. Only a small band of them remains, though, and for the most part, they are inter-cooperative in the interest of survival.

Age: She appears about thirty years old, though is actually seventy-three (still rather young for her species)

Appearance: Long, straight black hair and striking blue eyes. She is willowy and somewhat pale, and dresses with a kind of understated dark elegance. She has a very slight, undefinable accent, barely noticeable. Her ears are subtly pointed, and her finger/toenails fully white; these are the only surface physical characteristics that are noticeably different than most humans. She claims they’re rare birth defects and usually keeps them covered with her hair and fingernail polish, respectively.

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