Sep. 16th, 2015

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If you've stumbled on this journal, welcome!  I'm Amyla.  As is probably apparent, this is a roleplay/writing blog.  All of my characters here are original characters, though most of them were created for play in the Doctor Who universe.  My primary character is Evelyn Alvar, and her 'verse is called Memoirs of a Tourist and is a part of the Doctor Who universe.  I'm also working on developing a new 'verse that is fully original, a blend of magical realism and urban fantasy.  The primary character for that universe is Arabella Thorne.  I'm very open to crossover roleplay, however, whether in fandom or with other original characters or universes.

Thus far, all of my roleplay threads can be found in the [ profile] curious_cosmos community.  If you're interested in joining up, drop me a PM on here and we can discuss it.  We're open to new members, though we're slightly selective in order to prevent spam, drama, hate, etc.  Even if you don't join, though, you're all still welcome to read the public entries.

I'm also open to writing threads here, if you'd rather avoid a public community.  Feel free to come into my inbox if you'd like to plot something out.

I'll be posting a lot of drabbles, fics, and artwork to this journal.  All artwork and writing posted is by me unless otherwise noted.

Here are a couple of useful links:

Rules for Roleplay

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