Sep. 2nd, 2015

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((So, I figure I'll be using this thing as a backup and a place to post drabbles and such in case Tumblr becomes too unusuable for roleplay purposes.  I've always liked putting creative ramblings in LJ anyway so I imagine I'll get at least some use out of it.  There may be quite a bit of crossposting between here and Tumblr unless/until I start phasing out my usage over there.  Of course, if more people gravitate to LJ I'll probably shift it to a more active RP blog.

If anyone wants to roleplay over here, I'm definitely up for it!  Just drop me a comment and we can discuss thread ideas.  There's also the [ profile] curious_cosmos community for rp if you'd rather write in a more centralized location.  The community would be good for group threads, but also one-on-one threads as well.

There will probably be some ooc stuff here sometimes, like with Tumblr, which I'll be posting in parentheses and usually under a cut.

I'm going to be posting character info and setting up links to the character pages in my theme sometime soon.))


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