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Name: Galatea

Age: Unknown, and depends on where she is in her timeline. She was created during the earliest days of the Time Lords.

Species: Chronoform

Appearance: 5'4, slight but curvy frame, silver-white hair with gold threads, jewel-like violet eyes, extremely pale complexion like an albino.

Personality: Very similar in many ways to Evelyn (they are the same person, after all), but also with the weight of years, knowledge, and memory. She is fierce and stubborn to a fault, instinctively rebels against people who try to control or possess her, has a mercurial temperament, and develops an independent streak a mile wide. She can also be very gentle and nurturing towards those under her care. She loves animals, but doesn't consider them to be pets even if they share living space with her. She has a knack for tending to growing things. She loves and hates with equal intensity. She is very slow to trust.


They call me a Traveler. They call me a Chronoform. They call me Galatea, the living statue breathed to life by their hubris. These are their words, their inventions, as they like to think of me. I belong to no one.

Those days, so long ago, such dim memories embedded in a physical construct of tissue fibre and biochemical reaction and electrical impulse, when I was bound and crushed into a space too small, with too few dimensions. It was like being suffocated. I could not name the number of years between then and now, because time does not flow in such a way for me. If I close my eyes, if I breathe deeply and let the crushing weight of physicality fall away for a moment, I can see Time as an endless river branching into infinite streams, or as a faceted mirror-gem that reflects within itself into eternity, each facet separate and yet interconnected to the whole. Perhaps I do not explain myself well. Maybe in the end, it is simply best to say that separation is an illusion. The timelines bleed one into another, shape themselves around one another, breathe and shimmer and shudder and undulate like light filtering through water. This is how I see, when I close my eyes. But I cannot always touch them, cannot always Move to them. The paths to all of these were blocked to me, so that I would never be able to traverse them of my own accord, but only with the direction of another.

How foolish of them to try to tame the wind. There is always a way around their silly rules.

Do not try to categorize me with your petty moralities. Do not call me friend if I have not first taken you into my heart. Do not assume that I will save you, or that I will destroy you. I may well do both.

The Travelers, or the Chronoforms

There is (or was, maybe) a race of non-corporeal beings who were able to see and move through all of time and space, all possibility and potentiality. Little is or was known of them, but when the Time Lords began harnessing the power of time and space far back at the beginning, somewhere along the way they acquired knowledge of these beings and thought to exploit them as power sources. Their very first experiments sought to draw them into physical bodies, but the bodies were unable to withstand the beings inside, and practically fell apart. So they began to genetically engineer bodies, splicing together genetic code from a number of “higher” species, through trial and error, also programming blocks and channels that would be utilized for control, and eventually managed to create a being who could physically move through time and space at will.

The first successful experiment was named Galatea, after an Earth myth about a sculpture brought to life.

As remembered in writing by Evelyn Alvar:

The process of integrating the essence of the being in question is an unpredictable one. Mutations can occur, anything from physical abnormalities to certain forms of dementia or madness. The psychological infrastructure can be compromised by the trauma of the coalescence, resulting in undesirable displays of willfulness and independence that have been not only counterproductive to our intent, but in some cases have been manifested as outright adversarial. Furthermore, the knowledge we have gained has allowed us to develop another project which utilizes the bio-engineering of machinery to achieve our goals without the struggle of maintaining control over willful Crossworlders. Therefore, we feel it is in the best interest of Gallifrey and her people that this project, and all prototypes created within its parameters, be terminated with impunity.

All of the prototypes were destroyed, except for Galatea. It is not yet clear how she survived the purge, but it is thought she had help. Little else is known of her life.

Near the end of the Last Great Time War, the Time Lords extracted Galatea’s essence from her dying physical form and integrated her into a half-human, half-Aetheryn embryo carried by Evelyn Alvar’s mother, Isabelle. This was accomplished with the help of Soren Masterson, the leader of the remnant of Aetheryn refugees that took shelter on Earth after their planet was laid waste during the War. Soren is also Evelyn’s biological father, and facilitated the genetic manipulation and modification of Isabelle so that the cross-species pregnancy could be viable. Isabelle was kept in the dark during the whole ordeal, as she was continuously administered a drug similar to Torchwood’s Retcon to purge her memory. She was also made infertile from the process.

Galatea’s memories were suppressed, and a trans-dimensional bilateral mirror framework set in place to contain a portion of her essence in a half-phased state, since the form of Evelyn Alvar, though it had been genetically engineered specifically to hold Galatea, would break down if it held her full essence. This is why Evelyn is able to Travel. However, the precautions are not perfect, and her body is slowly breaking down, a situation which is exacerbated every time she Travels.
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